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Become a member of Dobra Tea Collective!

The Company of Tea Devotees Ltd. founded in 1992 in Prague, Czech Republic started to spread authentic tea culture, contained in the tastes and aromas of all manner of fine teas, beyond the frontiers of its homeland.

This audacious idea is founded on experience tried and tested by years of work in a network of brand-name tea-rooms – to date there are already 36 in Europe and the USA.

If you are interested in contributing to the spread of the tea culture represented by the Dobra Tea brand, halt awhile and consider.

If you feel that in the city of your heart there is a place just waiting for a tea-room, turn your attention to the following pages.

This is how you can bring your secret dream to life.

On the basis of license agreement we are ready:

-      To build a brand-name tea-room on premises you picked in a way that meets the highest standards of tea quality and timeless criteria of excellence.

-      To train selected personnel in the arts and sciences of tea.

-      To adapt the selection of tea to the tastes of local tea-drinkers.

-      To offer targeted publicity to assure your tea-room a place in the sun.

-      To supply teas of the highest refinement without delay and guaranteed fresh.

-      To provide you, systematically, with novelties from the world of tea.

On the presumption that your enchantment with tea will lead you unerringly to fulfil your long-term wish or dream, we permit ourselves to ask for the following:

-      Your own name and place of abode.

-      The specifications and address of the premises proposed.

-      Details of form of ownership or lease under which these premises are held.

-      Specifications of the premises themselves

(Dimensions, position within building, disposition of space, heating, disposition of mains, facilities, age).

-      An outline of your future role in the operation of the tea-room.

-      An estimate of the level of investment that you would be prepared to make in the tea-room.

E-mail us: wingtaotea@nulldobratea.com

Phone: 802 355 0841