2021 Long Jing – Dragon Well

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A famous line of tea from the Chinese province of Zhejiang, not far from the town of Hangzhou. It bears the name of a place of pilgrimage for all lovers of this kind of tea in the Tiyun Mountains, where according to legend the best water to prepare it gushes up at the Tiger Spring. A flat robust leaf light green to yellow in colour – this is the hallmark of quality Long Jing. Among connoisseurs this tea is considered the king of all Chinese green teas. The translucent light grey infusion has an extremely fine taste and aroma. Even after several re-infusions of hot water the tea remains distinguished. Long Jing – “The Tiger Spring” is exclusively hand processed in large metal bowls. The Spring harvest in March and April produces the best quality.

$9.00 per ounce


Put 5-7g (1 tea scoop) of the tea – three finger’s worth – into the Chinese pot with a lid (Gai Wan), from which this high quality tea is traditionally drunk to set off its aroma, the beauty of the tea leaves and last but not least its flavor. Pour in water no hotter than 75-80°C (165-175 F), left to cool slightly after boiling. After two minutes it is ready to drink.


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