Feng Huang Dan Cong – Duck Sh!T

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Phoenix Milan

A unique tea from the gardens of the South China provinece of Guangdong. An exeptionally long brown-green leave curled into loose spirals, in the cup it produces a sparkling orange brew with a honeyed taste and a strong scent of orchid flowers. The origin story of the quaint name of Duck Sh!T comes from the desire of growers to hide their valuable tea by calling it Duck Sh!T, hoping that thieves would pass by this valuable and delicious tea.

$10.00 per ounce


Put 5-7g of tea (a whole tea-scoop full) straight into the pot and pour in water taken off the boil two minutes before-hand (190-195 F). After 1 minute serve with a pot of water for further infusions. It can also be served in a Gai Wan set (for solitary drinkers), or ceremonially in a Gong Fu set. This tea can be reinfused 4-7 times, as the leaves open more with each infusion and release more flavor.dahongbaoME1999_QiHong_2
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