Feng Huang Dan Cong

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Phoenix Milan

A unique tea from the gardens of the South China provinece of Guangdong. An exeptionally long brown-green leave curled into loose spirals, in the cup it produces a sparkling orange brew with a honeyed taste and a strong scent of orchid flowers. Hence the Chinese title Mi (honey) Lan (orchid). It will take many infusions, with the scent and taste just continuing to develop. . .

$9.00 per ounce


Put 5-7g of tea (a whole tea-scoop full) straight into the pot and pour in water taken off the boil two minutes before-hand (190-195 F). After 1 minute serve with a pot of water for further infusions. It can also be served in a Gai Wan set (for solitary drinkers), or ceremonially in a Gong Fu set. This tea can be reinfused 4-7 times, as the leaves open more with each infusion and release more flavor.dahongbaoME1999_QiHong_2
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