Formosa La-La Shan Red Oolong

Taiwanese red oolong grew from the Taitung region of Taiwan. This region has favorable weather for growing tea, but has been overshadowed by the high mountain teas of Taiwan. Here the experimental art of tea processing is thriving and from this we are blessed with red oolong. This rolled tea has the highest oxidation of all the Taiwanese oolongs, resulting in a deep honey aroma and rich flavor.

$25.00 per 50g package


Put 5-7g of tea (a whole tea-scoop full) straight into the pot and pour in water taken off the boil two minutes beforehand (190-195 F). Brew 1½ minutes, then pour and serve. This tea will yield several more infusions, simply add 1 minute more each infusion and use water just off the boil.
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