Qing Tuo Cha

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This Qing Tuo Cha (“green nest”) pu-er is a combination of wild tea and cultivated tea. One can taste in each cup the earthy, herbal tones of wild tea within the astringent and muscatel layers of cultivated tea. Perhaps, if lucky, one might even catch the aroma of the Xishuangbanna hills at sunrise, or the feeling of seeing The King of Tea Trees standing proud at 1700 years old, deep in the Yunnan jungles…

$30.00 per 7 oz cake


Break off a large chunk about a heaping teaspoon in size, using a pu-er knife and put it in a gaiwan. Pour boiling water over it and discard first rinse. Pour a second amount of water and let steep for 2 to 3 minutes. Strain into cup.

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