Sencha Kyoto

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This label is carried by the Japanese green tea that is currently the most characteristic tea on the Japanese market. This line is famous primarily for its painstaking processing.
Dark green flat leaves of uniform size, a fresh grassy scent and delicate flavour. This tea has very beneficial effects on body and mind. It stimulates, purifies the organism, and has a high Vitamin C content. The tea yields a vigorous brew even after several steepings. Translated, it means “infusion tea”.

$20.00 per 2.5 oz packet


Put 6-8g of tea in a pot and pour on water that has been taken off the boil two minutes before (75°C or 165-170F). The tea is ready after 1 minute and 40 seconds. With this tea we serve a pot of hot water over a burner for further infusions.


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