Tie Guan Yin “Jade” – Iron Goddess of Mercy – Organic

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The highest category among Oolong teas and a famous product of Fuijan province.
Description: Robust dark green-brown leaves, twisted into S-shapes. A strong and even intoxicating aroma of the mandarin blossoms (but definitely not of mandarin fruit!), that are to be found all over the plantations where this tea is grown. A distinctive flavour, like a bouquet of flowers in the mouth, with a heady comeback.

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Put 5-7g of tea (a whole tea-scoop full) straight into the pot and pour in water taken off the boil two minutes before-hand (190-195 F). After 1 minute serve with a pot of water for further infusions. It can also be served in a Gai Wan set (for solitary drinkers), or ceremonially in a Gong Fu set. This tea can be reinfused 4-7 times, as the leaves open more with each infusion and release more flavor.


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