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Tea Pickers

Clean Tea Standards

The majority of our teas fall into one of the following categories: certified organic, wild arbor, permaculturally grown, naturally grown without pesticides, or meets European Union’s strict pesticide, chemical, and heavy metal testing standards. We take great pride in striving to source our teas directly from farmers who do not use pesticides and chemicals. Each year, we remove teas from our menu that do not meet our strict standards. 

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green tea

Certified Organic

We are committed to serving certified organic teas whenever possible. Our Japanese teas, matcha, Indian teas, and several of our green teas fall under this category.

Forest Wild Tea

Wild or Naturally Grown

We prioritize sustainable farming efforts called Forest Friendly Farming. Tea harvested from wild trees growing in the jungle qualify as such. We support farmers who are protecting nature and preserving the tea growing traditions.

harvesting tea

Meets E.U. Standards

This category means that we have tested the tea in a lab, and it has passed the standards set forth by the European Union whose standards exceed those in the United States.

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