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Tea Travels

We source our teas directly from farmers with whom we have a committed partnership. Traveling to tea growing countries every year, we support tea farmers around the world including those in China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. We have gone to great distances to source all of our teas directly from their regions of origin. Our tea menu is arranged by country, and each tea tells its own story based on our travels and experience with each variety.

Since we opened the first tea room, we have made more than 50 tea trips beginning with our first trip to India in 1995. We visited hundreds of tea plantations, wild gardens, monstrous factories, or tea markets. We have met hundreds and perhaps thousands of people for whom tea is a source of livelihood – from the most common to those for whom tea has provided more than a decent livelihood. 

In our exclusive offerings, you can also purchase teas through which you will support our idea of ​​helping a sustainable way of farming and preserving biodiversity in tea regions. 

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