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Our Story

prague czech republic

Roots in Old World Bohemia 
Czech Republic

The story of Dobrá Tea (Good Tea) began in Prague during the last few years of communism. A group of young tea lovers began meeting to drink teas smuggled into Czechoslovakia. In 1989, communism fell. Dobrá Tea opened its first Bohemian-style tearoom in Prague in 1993. With much success, the company began to spread its tea concept throughout eastern Europe.  

Expansion to the
United States

In 2003, Dobrá Tea opened its first United States tearoom in Burlington, Vermont. There are currently six tearooms in the United States. All tearooms are locally, American owned and independently operated. 

Asheville tearoom Dobra Tea

Our Story

The story of Dobrá Tea begins in Prague during the last few years of Communism, where as a group of young tea lovers began meeting to sample rare Indian, Chinese and Japanese teas smuggled into Czechoslovakia. Because of a shortage of foreign currency, high quality teas were then available exclusively to the Party, State and Military elite.

Then came the “Velvet Revolution” and the Fall of Communism in 1989. In 1992, “The Society of Tea Devotees,” was formed and the following year our first Bohemian-style tearoom, Dobrá Čajovna, opened in Prague. The Čajovna (tearoom) became a shelter, a place for safety, where like minded individuals could gather and taste the world of tea. Much success blossomed with Dobrá’s idea and the company began to spread its tea concept to many small towns throughout Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. In 2003, Dobrá Tea opened its first U.S. tearoom in Burlington, Vermont. As years followed more tearooms opened on the east and west coast. Tearoom owners are passionate about making a connection with tea, farmers, and producers through Dobrá Tea’s traditions.


Our mission is to provide our customers with the best tasting, high quality artisan tea while prioritizing direct partnerships with farmers who practice healthy, sustainable tea growing methods. In turn, we strive to provide a unique, skillfully crafted tearoom for guests to enjoy while tasting the world of tea. 

white tea


We see the tearoom as a community center, a place where people can relax easily, engage in good conversation with loved ones, and meet new friends.

oolong tea


"Tea began as a medicine and grew into a beverage." - Kazuko Okakura

We believe that drinking tea daily  improves mind & body. 

green tea


We pride ourselves on striving to serve teas that you can trust. We prioritize farmers who use organic practices and wild harvesting without the use of pesticides and fertilizers.

black tea


As a collective, we give back to our local & international communities through donations to non-profits, schools, etc.

oolong tea


Forest Friendly Farming is used by some of our small tea farmers with a desire to preserve the local ecosystem. We aim to support sustainable farming methods.

puer tea


We provide education to our customers through our highly knowledgable tea servers, in depth tea menu descriptions, and through local tea classes. 


"There is a confluence of diverse creative, cultural, social and religious influences. The tea reflects back to us traces of the cultural traditions of the Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Asian, Moroccan, and African nations. The tea's surface mirrors the richly colored carpet of customs from Arabia, old Europe, Bohemia, and America. We invite you to distinguish the song of the Indian gurus mixed with the sound of a Japanese flute or the throat singing of the Tibetan lamas. It is our intention that these intersections occur in the tearoom among our local communities."

- Jiří Šimsa (co-founder of Dobrá Tea)

Tea Travels

Part of our mission is to make direct trade partnerships with tea growers to ensure that we serve only high quality teas and prioritize those who practice sustainable farm techniques. Below is Aleš Jurina (co-founder of Dobrá Tea) harvesting tea leaves in Yunnan, China, 2016.

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