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Matcha is a first-class type of powdered, extra-fine ground green tea. It is used in Japanese tea ceremony during which the tea is whisked with a bamboo tool in a handcrafted bowl. It is also used in lattes, iced teas, baked goods, and ice cream.

matcha dobra tea

Japanese Organic Matcha


Quality Matcha is always a bright green, extra-fine powder with a distinctive, grassy aroma. The foamy infusion is fresh and deep green with an unforgettable, very intense taste. Matcha is extremely high in antioxidants because the entire leaf is consumed. It is processed from hand picked, shade grown Gyokuro tea leaves that are finely ground in stone mills. The preparation of Matcha starts about twenty days before the harvest when tea bushes are shaded. This slows down the tea plants growth and increases chlorophyll and amino acid content as the leaves become a darker shade of green. The flavor of matcha is rich and is dominated by its grassy fresh taste. The finer grades of matcha (kyoto, usucha and koicha) have more sweetness in flavor, while standard grades (natural) have more deep and bitter flavors.


Matcha Kyoto

Matcha Kyoto is a ceremonial grade matcha that is cultivated from young tea bushes.

Matcha Usucha

Matcha Usucha (thin tea) is considered thin style as it uses more water and less tea. It is cultivated from younger tea bushes that are no older than thirty years.


Matcha Koicha

Matcha Koicha (thick tea) uses more tea and less water for a thicker, rich infusion. This tea is cultivated from tea plants that are at least thirty years old. 


Matcha Natural 

Matcha Natural is used in baked goods, iced teas, and lattes.

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