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Open a Dobrá Tea

Do you want to own your future? Be your own boss and lead your own team? Serve artisan tea and nutritious food? Provide excellent customer service? Learn new skills? Travel the world? If you’re ready for the adventure, start here.

We would love to welcome you to join our growing Tea Collective!

dobra tea

Do you have what it takes?

See if you have the qualities that we are looking for in new tearoom owners.

Passion for Tea

Do you love tea? Do you drink tea? Do you have a desire to be an expert in all things tea? Do you enjoy traveling and learning about new cultures? 


Do you love a challenge? Are you goal oriented? Do you have business experience? Are you willing to work on site and be involved in day-to-day operations?

Financial Managment

Can you manage a budget, stay on track, predict financial trends, and save money?

Leadership Skills

Can you manage people? Can you inspire your staff and community? Do you have a strong work ethic? Are you a positive thinker?

High Standards

Do you have a desire for cleanliness and excellent customer service? Do you have an appreciation for quality tea, food, decor, music, etc?


Can you assess situations and make decisions easily? Can you pivot your operating model when necessary? Can you implement new ideas?

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Owning your own tearoom is exciting, and there is a lot to consider. We know you have questions, and we are happy to answer them. Check out our FAQs. 

How to apply?

Find out how to apply to become an owner of a Dobrá Tea. We look forward to hearing from you.

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