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  • Who owns the individual Dobrá Tea establishments?
    Each Dobrá Tea is locally owned and operated by Dobrá Tea franchisees. We are a collective of dedicated small business owners who share a passion for tea and healthy food. We are committed to offering an exceptional guest experience while sharing our love of tea and tea culture.
  • Who owns the Dobrá Tea company?
    The Dobrá Tea company is a franchise in the United States that is majority owned by Americans who also own Dobrá tearooms. The original founders who reside in Czech Republic also continue to own a small portion of the U.S. franchise that they founded.
  • What are the two Dobrá Tea models?
    Depending on your desired location, we will advise you on which model will be most successful. The two models are 1) the orthodox tearoom model and 2) the tearoom café model. The orthodox tearoom serves tea and light food (hummus, cheese plates, etc) and local wholesale bakery options. The café model serves tea and an extensive food menu as well as the option to bake in house. Each require different lengths of training as well as initial franchise fees.
  • Why do different locations offer slightly different teas and food?
    Dobrá Tea is legally a franchise, but it operates more like an owner operated small business whereby each owner has liberty to customize the tearoom to reflect the local trends. Owners can choose a select number of unique, local tea offerings as well as create and prepare their own food/bakery menus. We operate more like a tea collective, not a true franchise which is why we don't like to use the word "franchise" or "chain" when speaking about our company. The stigma associated with those terms does not apply to our tearooms. We appreciate the unique gifts and offerings of each tearoom owner.
  • What experience is required to own a Dobrá Tea?
    We require that our owners have a proven ability to develop and lead high performing teams, can manage budgets and money, and have a passion for tea and the Dobrá Tea brand.
  • What are the financial requirements to own a Dobrá Tea?
    We require $100,000 in verifiable liquid assets and $200,000 total net worth.
  • What is the estimated initial investment?
    Depending on the size, location, and configuration, the estimated initial investment is a minimum of $175,000 - $350,000. The initial franchise fee for an orthodox tearoom is $10,000, and the fee for a tearoom café is $15,000 per the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).
  • What kind of training is provided?
    We provide extensive training including a comprehensive 3 week training program (for the orthodox tearoom model) and a 4 week training program (for the tearoom café model) covering tea education, tea service, food preparation and service, business management, and more. Our training takes place in an actual tearoom. Once open, you will also have access to an experienced team to support you as you grow your business. While not required, we highly encourage you to work in an existing tearoom for 3-6 months prior to opening your own tearoom so that you have the best chance of success.
  • How much money can I make as an owner?
    We are not able to make representations about individual tearoom profit, but our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) provides certain financial information regarding existing Dobrá Teas. Please start your application to request a copy of our FDD.
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