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 A Collective of   Authentic Tea Rooms 

Drink Good Tea!

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We are a collective of locally, independently & American owned bohemian-style tearooms where we invite our guests to sip the world of tea. 

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We aim to source our teas directly from farmers with whom we have developed a relationship with and who practice health conscious farming techniques. 

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We invite you to shop our loose leaf, artisan tea at one of our seven tearooms. We ship nationwide.


Dobrá Tea is a collective of tea rooms that was founded in 1992 in Prague, Czech Republic, and has since expanded to several locations in Europe and the United States. Dobrá Tea offers a wide selection of high-quality loose leaf teas from around the world, including green, white, oolong, black, puer, and herbal teas.

One of the unique aspects of Dobrá Tea is its emphasis on creating a traditional tea house experience, with a focus on the preparation and presentation of tea. Customers can choose from a variety of brewing methods, such as gongfu cha, that involves multiple steepings and careful attention to the temperature and timing of the brewing process.

In addition to tea, Dobrá Tea also offers food and pastries, as well as a small selection of tea ware products, such as teapots and cups. The atmosphere of the tea rooms is cozy and peaceful, with a decor that includes natural materials and traditional elements from various tea cultures. Dobrá Tea is a destination for tea lovers who value quality, variety, and a unique tea experience.

Tea Travels

Explore the world through tea 

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"For some introspection while traveling, visiting a traditional tea room like Dobrá can help recenter your busy body and connect you with your loved ones in a tranquil setting."

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